Early Beginnings

In October 1853, Lorenzo Snow (eventual President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) was given an assignment by Brigham Young to select 50 families to settle in what was then called Box Elder. There the pioneers would establish a system of self-sufficiency and cooperative living. Snow selected tradesman with various skills who would help them develop their community, and among them was Mads Christian Jensen.

Jensen was a Denmark native who was a Miller by trade. Snow hand selected Jensen to be a Miller for the new town. The Box Elder Flour Mill became one of the first important businesses to the early pioneers. While running the mill, Jensen also taught his sons the trade so they could one day take over the business.

Founding of the Mill

By 1910, with Brigham City’s population at nearly 4,000, the town could boast Jensen Brothers Milling as one of its biggest industries. In 1946, the company name was changed to Big J Milling. The success continued for Big J, but not without its own troubles. The mill burned down in 1959, leaving nothing but the large steel roller mills, with everything else having to be restored.


Continuing Tradition

Keeping in early tradition set by Mads and his sons, the business is still in the family today, currently run by fifth and sixth generation descendants of Jensen himself. Today, with only 19 employees on the payroll (including the board of directors), the Mill produces an impressive 220,000 pounds of flour per day, supplying flour for home bakers as well as businesses big and small across Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California.

Big J Milling & Elevator Company, Inc. is a proud member of the Brigham City community that has been integral to commerce here since the dawn of the town itself.

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