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Since 1909, Big J Milling has produced superb wheat flours for bakeries, restaurants, and regular customers.

Our all-purpose flour is perfect for baking cookies, pie crusts, cakes, for thickening sauces, and more. Our golden loaf bread flour reacts well with yeast and makes a wonderfully chewy and elastic crumb. And our golden select line produces strong oven spring and strength, ideal for artisan and hearth breads.


Our Mill

Our mill produces a remarkable 220,000 pounds of flour per day.

Choose from our all-purpose flour, golden loaf flour, and golden select flour to get the perfect ingredient for your needs. The Jensen family has been in the milling industry for over 150 years, and that means our recipes are time-tested and authentic.


Our History

The Jensen family has played a major role in Brigham City’s milling history, spanning as far back as Lorenzo Snow’s original mill that was built in 1857.

Mads Christian Jensen was called by eventual Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints president Lorenzo Snow to help create Brigham City as a new settlement. Mads brought his milling acumen with him and worked at the Box Elder Flour Mill until his sons later created Jensen Brothers Milling in 1909. The name was changed to Big J Milling in 1946.

Today, Mads’ fifth- and sixth-generation descendants run the mill, supplying high-quality wheat flour to businesses and households in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and California.


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True connoisseurs understand how important using the proper flour is to producing the most delectable foods. With our products, you can choose a flour with the perfect protein content, elasticity, and stability that you need for your particular tasty dish.